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  1. SKYDIVE CROATIA IS A ORGANIZATION BASED IN ZAGREB THAT GATHERS A TEAM OF HIGHLY EXPERIENCED SKYDIVING INSTRUCTORS WHO HAVE BEEN PART OF MANY WORLD FAMOUS SKYDIVING CLUBS, COMPANIES, DROPZONES AND SKYDIVING BRANDS. THEY UTILIZE ALL OF THEIR COMBINED EXPERIENCE AND COLLECTED KNOWLEDGE TO ALLOW YOU TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR FIRST SKYDIVE. Former or current members of the Croatian national parachute team International and national ratings and licenses Many years of experience gathered from all over the world New and well-maintained skydiving gear Instructors who don't see skydiving just as their job, but more as their way of life Skydive Croatia – the most experienced and friendly skydiving team in Croatia and Zagreb Skydive Croatia was created in order to unite the best and most experienced skydiving instructors in the region into one recognizable brand and organization that will provide skydiving services on several location throughout Croatia as well as neighboring countries. One of the most important factors in our company is to keep track of latest trends in skydiving and accommodate the newest security requirements, rules and regulations. In addition to a good time and unforgettable experience on your first skydive, we focus on safety, which is why we specifically select skydiving instructors according to their skills, experience, license portfolio and their desire for further skill perfecting. Beside Croatian national licenses and ratings, we are proud that all of our instructors hold current USPA (United States Parachute Association) skydive licenses and ratings in addition to manufacturer licenses and approval to use their skydiving equipment. Aside from licenses and ratings, another indicator of our quality is the fact that our instructors were, or still are, members of the Croatian national parachute team who have attended many international and regional competitions as well as European and World Championships. Skydive Croatia mission and goals Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable skydiving experience and to change your perspective about extreme sports and activities. Skydiving, and the thrill that skydiving instills, has already changed the lives of many individuals and, in that spirit, we encourage you to embrace an entirely new life challenge. On our website you can find a lot of useful information and all the answers to any questions you might have about tandem skydiving and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Our website is regularly maintained and contains all the latest and updated information about skydiving.