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  1. I never knew of any jumps from the El Capitan after our jump in 1966 until some 12 years later when Carl Boenish's group began jumping it. I would surely have heard about it in my opinion.
  2. Yes, you would think Rick's jump might have been good publicity for the Thunderbow. I don't think it ever gained much popularity like the Paracommander though.
  3. Yes, Rick Sylvester flew off the El Capitan on a pair of skis on January 30th, 1972. Great way to go! Rick had only 56 airplane jumps under his belt at the time.
  4. God yes. It was much more than a little odd. Brian didn't seem so much to be his old self those days, but in a million years I never dreamed he would go in. I thought worst case, he may have trouble working out how to steer that newfangled canopy and possibly break a leg or walk away bruised. Anything but the horrific outcome that transpired.
  5. Hi guys, Just thought I would say hi and see if anyone on this site remembers me. Brian Schubert and I are credited to be the "Grandfathers" of BASE, having jumped the El Capitan on July 24,1966, some 12 years before Carl Boenish and company jumped it and named it BASE Jumping. We recently moved to Kuna, Idaho and drove down to Twin Falls a month or so ago to watch the BASE jumping from the Perrine Bridge. We met with my old friend, Tom Aiello from the Snake River BASE Academy and new friend Sean Chuma from Tandom BASE, along with a few other BASE jumpers. I am no longer in adequate health at age 82 to be doing any jumping, but I sure felt the urge to get my "knees in the breeze" while watching it.
  6. Hi guys, My name is Mike Pelkey. Brian Schubert and I are credited with being the first BASE jumpers. We made the first jump from the El Capitan on July 24, 1966, 12 years before Carl Boenish and company began BASE jumping. Just thought I would say hi and see if anyone remembers me from Basejumper.com.