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  1. Looking to order my first WS specific Canopy from Squirrel. By the time it arrives I’ll have 500+ jumps and around 100 WS jumps on a rented Epicene. They say the Epicene or Epicene pro is by far the best for rookie Wingsuiters because of extremely stable openings, and omicron is for advanced Wingsuiters. Word on the street is yes they open very reliably but they wear out pretty fast and dont have much glide or flare power. I have asked a lot of wingsuiters who have flown both canopies and swear the omicron opens just as well as Epicene despite wonky body position on opening. I’m leaning more towards omicron because of longer durability and better flare. This directly contradicts the manufacturers recommendation. Any input from ppl who have tried both? Mostly just focused on openings. Also if anyone has any input on pack volume between same sized Epicene, Epicene Pro, and Omicron; have heard different things Thanks