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  1. excellent idea - thanks
  2. Does it track pack jobs, gear rental, counter sales, USPA membership, reserve repack dates and waiver re-signing dates?
  3. Thanks! I'll post this on the dive pool board with some possible dive sequences
  4. Anyone know where I can find 3-way dive pools? I know its not done in competition but it would be a good resource for newer jumpers.
  5. As with jrpraeters earlier post, I too have lurked these discussions and am hesitant to get embroiled in the heat. But we are a new DZ and I cannot say enough good things about our experiences with PS. We use JumpRun5 and are frustrated with many outdated features. The fact that Doug is taking on the huge task of updating it as well as integrating it with PS res system is cause for celebration! Yes- it costs us 2.9% more than if someone calls us and books over the phone. But thats $5.70 worth of my time that I will gladly pay. That is more than covered by the fact that it sends a confirmation email immediately, a reminder email prior to the tandem, a thank you email and unlimited other follow-up drip marketing emails that you design yourself. This feature alone is priceless. And the best part - if someone does call and book over the phone- we still get all that completely FREE! I can't imagine the cost of developing this system which is designed specifically for our industry and the ongoing cost to keep it (and now JumpRun) current. I have no problem with a business making a fair profit - otherwise this product would not be available at all.