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  1. Hello I'm looking for a WinX 150 - Either ZP or Hybrid. I'll pay $1800-$2000 depending on quality/number of jumps. I'll consider similar canopies/sizes if you have something close but primarily focused on getting a WinX. Looking to start wingsuiting soon. I'm a serious buyer. I'm based out of Los Angeles. Please PM me or call/text at (xxx) if you have one or something similar. Thanks! Edited by moderator to remove phone number. Also, please use ads for this kind of thing
  2. Hi Everyone, Have a few questions. I'm at 300 jumps - The last 200 of which were on a Volt 170 by Parachute Systems, which is a 9-Cell, F-111, non-ZP. I'm looking to downsize to a 150, but I'm also looking to start wingsuiting somewhat soon. Would like to get an Epicene - Heard they're great as far as openings. Don't really mind a slow canopy ride - Want to get good at angle/tracking/wingsuiting, and then later freeflying and more advanced canopy stuff. Question 1: Anyone know how small the Epicene 150 or 170 packs, and if they'd fit my rig? I've read it's 1-2 sizes smaller than a non-ZP. The Volt 170 is ridiculously tight in my Vortex V-4 container. Pack volume on the Volt 170 is 440 cubic inches. My V-4 is better-suited to fit something 320-400 cubic inches. Do you guys think an Epicene 150 or 170 would work? I'm assuming either one would. Squirrel doesn't list exact cubic inches on their site. Nonetheless they have been very helpful. Extra opinions never hurt though Question 2: Is it unwise to downsize to a Wingsuit-specific canopy? Squirrel confirmed what I've read - Flare power is not too hot on an Epicene. I'm decent at landings with the Volt 170; always on my feet, occasionally have to run them out. However I'm assuming the 150 would come in faster, even on the "slow/boring" Epicene. This combined with reduced flare power could lead to some painful landings. I weigh about 155 so wingloading on the 150 would be roughly 1.2. I know I'm good enough at landing to downsize to a 150 9-cell F-111. Assuming despite poor flare power I'd be fine on a 170 Epicene. Question 3: Lifespan of Epicene I've heard they wear out quickly. Thus I'd probably want to buy a new one, use it for 500 or so jumps, and get something faster later. Basically wondering what you guys would do in my scenario? Seems like the smartest option might be a 170 Epicene. I was all set for 150 until I read about the flare power. Any feedback would be great thanks you guys