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    -United Parachute Technologies V353 M-Series Micron Container -Main: PD Sabre3 210 (Green/Black/White) -Reserve: Performance Design 193 (White) -Skyhook RSL -Magnetic riser covers -Extended chest strap -3D spacer foam backpad/leg pads -3D Spacer foam padded stabilizers -Variable geometry harness (hip rings). -Two piece leg pad -Freefly mod -V-Stow bag -Leather hackey -Black hardware -Louie Loops -Ring/webbing: Mini ring w/ type 17 webbing -Toggles: TRULOK -Reserve: RED - Soft handle (Spectra) -Cutaway: RED - Soft handle -Changeable Cypres2 New, unused complete skydive rig. Originally built for a 5'10", 200 lb jumper.


    Lorton, Virginia - US