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  1. I did watch that previously but again its got a big focus on progression
  2. Wow thats a few suggestions! I think im just going to say that alot is implied within the chart, whether that is the number of participants in a formation, or whether its fun or not. I primarily needed this chart to explain a few aspects to a business partner so trying not to get too bogged down haha But as I said before, the original file is there for anyone who wishes to modify the chart to their hearts content! Would love to see what people come up with.
  3. Thanks SethInMI, just learnt something new! That makes sense how they came about and now Tandem has just become a "one-day-stand" for most.
  4. Thanks guys, countzero: Cheers for the input I have shifted wingsuits across to moving. SethInMI: I see what you mean, I have placed AFF in training. Can you explain a bit further why Tandem should be under training? riggerrob: Thanks for the input, its seems as though putting solo may be the wrong word, if its a jump that is required for a license maybe the training name should be used instead like AFF stage 9. But in saying that this isnt a progression chart, need to be conscious of not placing things in progressive order. I guess looking at it, technically some of freefall/freefly/moving/canopy can be performed solo, so its pretty much implicit. Can you please explain why freefly should be broken up into those elements prior to it being considered freefly? My understanding was that anyone of those styles is considered freefly on its own?
  5. Hey all, can some experienced jumpers please correct this chart, seems everywhere I look something explains a discipline differently and there is overlap with differing terminology (usually chronologically/location based). The orginal file is attached and if you drop it onto https://app.diagrams.net/ you can make direct changes. Some clarity would be super, cheers! Skydiving Disciplines Map.drawio