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  1. Hey all... I'm looking downsize in the near future, although it may be over the winter. I have a Heatwave 190 (generic Stiletto), I got it new and have put almost 200 jumps on it. It has a DOM 10/97 on it. What's my Heatwave worth? I'm looking for a similar style canopy, maybe a Stiletto or other nine cell with similar flight characteristics. Of course the next size being a 170. I'd like it to be about similar age (jump #'s). Also I love/depend on the colored line attachments for packing. I think the Stiletto has all white, but my Heatwave has different color for each line group. Makes packing a lot faster! Tongue Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the responses so far. Remember I'm looking for something that will help me out in 4-way. To that end I need booties, I need something that will create a some drag because of my weight. I have a Bev Suit now, and it's pretty nice...just a bit heavy on the thick cotton. I've been told around the DZ that I should stick with cotton because it causes significant drag, I'd like to find something that is a bit thinner then what I already have. I have swoop cords on this one, but I rarely use them. It would be nice if they came detachable. I'm thinking Bev Suit or Tony Suit at this point, I know nothing about tailoring so creating from scratch is out of the question. I'm leaning towards Bev Suit, because that's what I have now and I like it. Any other ideas?
  3. Hey all... I'm looking to get a new jump suit soon. My first jump suit is becoming worn out and doesn't have booties. I'm fairly heavy at 225 with gear, and I'm starting 4way. I need booties also. My first jump suit was durable by design because it was my first, it had to with stand all the crash/slide in landings. 250 jumps later, that's not so much an issue any more. So I'd like something that will give me some drive with 4 way, but is light enough to wear on 85 degree days while packing. My current jump suit is cotton, it feels like pretty heavy wait cotton. Thanks for supported opinions! John
  4. where is it? I looked on mapquest and there is no city with that name... if it's not a city what city is it in? Also I looked at the other forum and it's in German.
  5. Hi all, I'm on an Air Base in Ramstein, and was looking as possibly working here full time as a civilian. Can some one fill me in on German skydiving? There was a quite a list of DZs here, but since I don't speak German they are hard to read. Prices from what I could make out look to be about 25 EUR ~ $32.79 as of today, which is high. Are all DZs here that high? Looks like most take you to 4000m ~13,100 feet, is this the norm? Also what are the German requirements for rig maintenance? What licenses do I need? What DZs are closest to me here in Ramstein. Thanks!