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  1. Thanx guys. thanx a lot. So if somebody have A kind of license He must covert it?! And that’s depends from the country?! And what is covert about?! Only just paperwork?! Does need extra money?!A check dive or some lessons?! Thanx
  2. that's right. I don't have the A license ....and because of I have too many months to skydive I must do again the last 2 lessons. So I find a cheaper license in Bulgaria with also the coaching very cheap. So I am looking for some info for the bg license.
  3. Hey guys. I am a beginner in Skydiving. I have the USPA Aff with 5solos. Unfortunately after covid my license expired. So not giving so much money a guy told me that in Bulgaria where is a skydive school in Montana that gives a FAI skydiving license. Also told me that is worldwide and I can jump in every dropzone. My dream is to jump in countries such as Dudai, Spain, France, Us, Canada. So Does anybody knows if the Bulgarian FAI license is worldwide recognized?! Is there a way to check which licenses are for real FAI?! General I will have some kind of abatement?! thanx