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  1. I see your point and I'll certainly make note of it! The problem is I have already have received a University level education, and currently have a well-paid job, but I'm miserable. I'd much prefer a job I enjoy that pays less, even if it doesn't involve skydiving. Just exploring different options.
  2. Really appreciate your answer, I'll definitely take all this into consideration! Thanks!
  3. Hi! I'm 23 and from the UK. I have no skydiving experience, however, once it's safe and possible to do so, I want to take my AFF course and get my A license. What I want to know is how can I turn this into a career and how long will it take? Also, what kind of jobs (if any) can I get with an A license? I know before becoming an instructor I would need to start with a basic instructor rating, and I think I'm right in saying I would need 2 years in the sport with x amount of jumps depending on the instructor rating? Is there any skydiving related jobs I would be able to do within that 2 years? So for example let's say I've just got my A license, would I be able to help out at a dropzone and boost up my number of jumps? If yes, what kind of jobs? Could I be a videographer or would I need a certain license to do that? I understand that I've asked quite a lot of questions but would appreciate any feedback! Thanks!