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    Wings complete system. For beginner or Woman. Wings container W9 : DOM July 2018 Black / Neon orange. Still very clean. Always other people ask me "Is it brand new ?" I took care after every jump. And My rigger inspection everything. I am 5'8 (176cm) tall , 125lb (60kg) I think, This container is good for skinny person OR Women. 110 jump. Main : parachute system Volt 170 just finished whole inspection by rigger. (110 jump) DOM July 2018 Reserve : Decelerator 150 with Skyhook, RSL (Never use) DOM July 2018 AAD: M2 Multi 110 Jump. DOM June 2018 (with Box, Users guide, technical Certificate....etc Altimeter: Alti-2 Altimaster III Galaxy (No scratch, No crack on face) Audible altimeter: L&B Optima2 (110 jump) Other: Many spare parts. And power tool for packing. only repack reserve and Ready to Jump. Please let me know if you want know more information. Pickup OK..


    Los Angeles , California - US