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  1. Y'all have helped so much. :-) As far as the dad had a friend who had a field he used as an "airport" and they guys would hang around on the weekends and do some jumps...course this was back in the late 70s. The owner had a Piper dad had an Aeronic Sedan that was a nice sized 4 place plane... And yeah, it's a romance so the chances are slim that a serious jumper might read's a small part of the plot but I wanted to get it as close to right as possible. Thanks again...I really appreciate your help.
  2. That's why I'm here asking. :-) I really dislike when authors are too lazy to do the research... It's not so much a bail out chute...the guy who's plane they are in had taken up a couple of jumpers the week before and a chute got left in his plane... Thanks so much for all your input...definitely helps a bunch.
  3. Hi, I'm working on a story in which my main character must jump from a small plane...she has never done so before but it's either jump or crash. My general idea right now is that she ends up stuck in tree about 15 feet from the ground with the canopy and lines all tangled. She is going to be battered, bruised, and bloody but okay for the most part. My secondary character finds her and tells her to just unfasten the straps, fall, and he will catch her. hard will it be for her to release buckles? Is that even feasible? Anyone ever been stuck in a tree and have a story to tell? Also, as one who has never jumped before, how much trouble will she have trying to steer the chute...I know that will probably depend on what type chute but I'm just needing an in general type answer. Thanks so much! Appreciate all your input.