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  1. I knew a Robert Thundercloud...when I first met him he had different last name...Sullivan I that time he was going through a ceremonial ritual to become a Sundancer...he took the name Thundercloud after he completed the ceremony...a fitting name for Robert. I meet Robert in Perris CA in the early 1980’s at the Perris drop zone shortly after my 1st jump. In fact , I bought my 1st parachute from was a old round para-commander. I later bought my 1st square from him. We made a lot of jumps together at the Perris and at the Murrieta Ca. drop a couple of pics of us together in free fall. I only have 84 jumps under my belt and I bet at 60 of them were with Robert. After I stopped jumping I lost touch with Robert. I was thinking of Robert this morning (10/12/2020) so I googled his name and was saddened to read this article...the descriptions I’ve read match him perfectly... I didn’t know he went on to become a police officer...fitting job for the Robert Thundercloud I know...”knees in the breeze” brother...