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    Brilliant on heading openings, great intermediate level canopy. Transitioned to a pilot rental after aff and loved it. Then had a Safire 2 in my first rig and I didn't liked the openings. So for my next downsize from 0.99WL to 1.16 I have chosen a pilot 150 zp. Best decision for me, as the openings are always on heading and fairly progressive. 150-200 meters of altitude loss until the slider is over your head. I don't even need to watch the canopy opening. I can just hang and immediately watch for traffic while it is inflating. Medium trim gives you a touch of sportiness without stressing you to much if you have to go slow, and long spots are no big deal even in a headwind situation.
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    Excellent customer service, Patrick is a great guy and always answers questions. Got my rig in such a fast time that I could jump it right before season closing. The fit is on point and super comfortable. What i really like is the design of the bridle protection and boc.