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  1. I had labrum surgery two years ago but rehab and everything wasn’t done how it should’ve been so it never healed properly. Blatantly disregarding that issue I tried to get my A-license recently. On my training tandem my shoulder had a partial dislocation but I adjusted and was fine for the rest of the jump. I’m getting surgery again soon but I’m curious if skydiving is a possibility with proper healing and good rehab? I’ve looked into braces etc but I was curious if anyone has had similar experience and continued jumping or have any tips/recommendations?
  2. I recently dislocated my left shoulder on a training tandem. I’m going to get surgery to repair it asap. I’m curious as to if I’ll be able to jump after extensive rehab and training. I’ve done some research into braces as well. Does anyone know of others that recovered from such an injury and continued jumping? Any recommendations? Any advice would be great. I fell in love with the sport and am dying to jump again in the future when I’m healthy.