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  1. I suspect these two accidents reported by DFV German Sport Parachute Association are the same one because 1) several sentences are exactly the same 2) the August 31, 2015 accident is not listed at Dropzone 2015 Europe https://www.dropzone.com/fatalities/2015/europe/ 3) I cannot yet verify a skydiving accident in this time frame involving a 56-year-old German. However I have a report of a serious paragliding injury to a 56-year-old (nationality unknown) from August 29, 2015 out of Camelas, France. http://www.lindependant.fr/2015/08/29/un-parapentiste-se-blesse-a-l-atterrissage,2077075.php Perhaps there were two separate skydiving accidents but the information appears confused and co-mingled. Any help toward the accuracy of the global database is appreciated. _____________________________________ 4. 08/28/2015 Czech Republic male jumping student (aut.) Automatic jump from rear ramp with poor posture (49 years old; Dutch) (4th jump) rotating false opening because of leg in safety lines. More quickly Rotations in progress change into "flag", probably through Cap separation. Cap separating handle and reserve handle are missing on Ground. Reserve gets involved with HK; neither screen sustainable. Serious injuries died at the scene of the accident. HK type: SOLO 250 5. August 31, 2015 Holland male (56 years old; German) Jumping student (aut.) (3rd jump) Automatic jump from left side door with poor posture, incorrect opening due to leg in safety lines. Rotations becoming recognizable faster. Cap separating handle and Reserve handle is missing on the ground. Reserve gets involved with HK; both umbrellas are not stable. Severe injuries when Impact died at the scene of the accident. H-Type: School-surface parachute https://www.dfv.aero/downloads/Kurzberichte_tödliche_Sprungunfälle_2015_ANONYM.pdf Also, the Dropzone fatality database appears to have broken in 2018. I am unable to make contributions by posting.