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  1. This is super helpful! Thank you! I am demoing it this weekend actually, so I will see if I like it before buying. I was hesitant about jumping it at a lower wingloading so I am glad to hear that you have had good luck with it!
  2. Hi all!! I have the opportunity to purchase a zulu 132. I have been jumping a stiletto 135 at about a 1.25 WL and I have 260 jumps. I was just wondering if the two are similar in terms of flight characteristics. I have not met many people who jump a zulu, but the one person who did loved it, so I am just trying to research a bit more before buying. I am also a bit unsure about how the zulu 132 will respond at a lighter wingloading. I loved my stiletto, however I had to cut it away and am now in the need for a new canopy. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!!