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  1. Ive been out of the sport for 5 years, I have an A license with 30 jumps, skydiving has never left my thoughts and it was only due to having kids and moving cities, renovating a house that I had to take a break, literally every month for the last 5 years I’ve been saying to my self “maybe next month”. well the time has finally come, I’m booked in to redo ground school on Thursday and hopefully a check out jump or 2 and I’ll be current again. I’m that excited about it I’ve even bought a rig (javelin odyssey) which has a sabre 2 190. I know it was a bit hasty, but was just wondering if a wing loading of 1:15 is high for a newbie. I’ll be 210lbs out the door, I have an option of swapping it for a 210 pulse but would love to hang on to it. Will I look like a d@#k head if I rock up to the DZ with my rig? I know my instructor will best advise but 2 days seems like an unreasonable amount of time for me to find out.