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  1. Thanks for everyone's input, wonder if I could mount a small book reading light to it....
  2. Planning to do my first night jump in September - I see where I can buy the required strobe, but my altimeter is just a standard back alti-2, what do I need to be able to see it? Is there a light to fit around it or do I need to get a glow altimeter?
  3. Totally agree - I already hit my visor when its up sometimes on the roof of the plane Camera cut away is a must for me as well, I do like how cheap the chinmount.com one is though. Yea helmet cutaway isn't really an option with me as I wear prescription glasses, trying to pull the helmet off while those are on would be a problem.
  4. Thank you Lyosha - all good info - I was kinda leaning towards chin mount for these same reasons. The Grellfab mount is certainly one I'm considering, but also came across www.chinmount.com - take a look if you have a chance. I like how close it is to the helmet, also has a cutaway and rubber bands.
  5. Thank you for your thoughts. What do you mean by 'leverage possibilities'? I've seen some chin mounts that don't stick out very far and are rather low, hard to imagine they would be in the field of view at all.
  6. Looking forward to when I can start using a camera and wondered which is safer - a camera mount on the top of the head or a chin mount? By safer I mean less chance of entanglement or other problems with the camera mounted on a helmet. My helmet is a G3 but not sure the type of helmet matters much in regards to this question. Follow-up bonus question, recommended mounting hardware for a Hero 7 on a G3?