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  1. Met Bill at Perris, got maybe 2 bad photos somewhere. Helped him get a tire fixed on his Cadillac in town, bought him a glass of milk. And got literature from the Bible stuff he was working on somewhere at home. Also, kept in touch via other emails in the past. Christmas day, huh? Had to post something, always liked him, he seemed to like me too.[email]

  2. Been wanting to transfer these to DVD, I have lots on several tapes. Been thinking of taking to local places in town that can do it. However, wanted to see if anyone out there could do it for me. I could bring to Perris (ca) and rather spend $ to have a skydiver do it.

  3. Quote

    Hi Gary!

    Yeah, it would be great. I could make it there over lunch. Might be enough incentive for me to get current, too. They'll get my support, for sure.

    I think it's about time for you to get current! LOL.

    Ouch! Ya hit a soft spot there. I updated my profile after reading that. If this place is for real, I'm there already! As soon as it quits raining. I should do a tandem, tho. I've got feet problems, etc. Keep in touch!

  4. Someone named "Michael" on the phone said they do not land at the airport, they land 3 miles north from there. Must be one of the farm lands out there, close to the Santa Clara river bed or something! I really hope there is one as well. I'll get current w/video and everything next payday!

  5. The photos are real on the website, as far as being in Camarillo,Ca. The directions seem kinda weird pertaining to entering the gate by the Airport Cafe and the actual address being on Durley (would be little bit of a walk) However, I just do not believe for many reasons you will take off, jump land or make a SKydive at the Camarillo Airport. There is no drop zone there, period!

  6. Funny someone brought this up. I live 3 red lights from Camarillo airport. There is no such drop zone there. I drove by there for shits & grins one day at the address advertised. It is where the police cars are parked at!
    Camarillo is so close to Pt. Mugu I doubt there will ever be a dropzone there. However, demos have been done at the Camarillo Air Show.
    Gary Calhoun

  7. I jumped it during a Halloween Boogie 1 year.
    Got video/stills by Leigh Web.

    Winds all weekend, took some of us up while it returned to Camarillo,sometime that Sunday afternoon.
    I live in Camarillo, it has not been there for years.
    I think it went to France or Switzerland. There is still a Connie here, but not does not fly.

  8. "I hear the Days Inn close by, catty-corner from the Denny's, has really gone down hill."

    You mean they don't have Spice Channel anymore?:)

    I stayed several times at the one in Sun City (weekends), I walk to the bar "Ponderosa" across the lot. they have some good price food, they have a floor. I have always had a good time there.Even met a girl there, and dated a few times when I was in town!
    Other, than that..I would camp-out at Perris!
    Don't even drink and drive if you leave the DZ!

  9. I did one jump there years ago.
    I did a first jump with a brand new canopy, and it was 100th jump (not freefall, just 100 jumps)
    And I remember getting pied!
    I remember seeing you (Lisa) there, you may not remember. Al wanted my all brown Vector container.
    And female pilot was very nice.
    I was with friend and his kids on the way to Mid State Fair.