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  1. RKJ

    Michigan RW Suit for sale

    Time Left: 1 month and 6 days

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    This is a nice Michigan suit for relative work that I bought used at a DZ shop and jumped maybe 10 times before breaking down and ordering one made for me. As you can see in the pics, it's a little (ahem) snug on me. I'm 69 inches tall, waist is 39 inches (really, not vanity sized, measured around the navel), chest is 44 inches, and I weigh 188 today when I put the suit on over t shirt and boxers. it would work better for someone a little thinner, but otherwise the same height, etc. It has booties, arm grippers, and inside and outside leg grippers (not sure what the inside ones are about, but hey, if that's your thing...). It's navy, red, and white, and other than a little pilling on the cuffs, appears clean and intact (no butt-sliding marks or patches, no holes). Oh, I wear a size 10 shoe and they fit well with a little extra room--could probably take a 12 without too much issue.


    Monroe, Georgia - US

  2. Time Left: 1 month and 6 days

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    I know, it sounds too good to be true, and it probably is, but seriously, it's a practically brand new Cypres 2 Expert! (that's like $1200 all by itself). This exciting and NEARLY NEW AAD comes with a well kept but veteran J3 size Sunpath Javelin container (D18 lift web, fits me pretty well and I'm a moderately burly 5 foot 9, 185 pounds). But that's not all! It is also equipped with a Icarus Safire 189 all yellow canopy (DOM April 2001, actually pretty crisp, packs and deploys well, lines are okay, has a single patch on it) and a Precision Super Raven 181 reserve (saw it before installation, looked pretty new, DOM January 2001)! As you can see, the container is pretty darn clean for a DOM of June 1998. I had my local rigger replace the leg pads (the grungy originals are included--they were for someone larger than me and I could not get them fully tightened) and inspect and assemble everything so I would have a rig while my long awaited new Javelin was being built. I bought this in July, jumped it at Summerfest and a few other places, and it has had no issues. I have jumped it about 20 times since July, but now the new one has come in and I need to find a good home for this one. Make me a deal--would be a good fit for someone about 68 to 72 inches tall, about 180 to 200 pounds. Hit me up for information, and if you are near Georgia, you can take a look in person if you want. Sorry, I'm too busy / lazy to part it out unless you are really flinging cash around.


    Monroe, Georgia - US