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  1. Anyone here flies a Crossfire 3 and had issues either with the quality of their canopies or their post sales support? I recently purchased a Crossfire 3 (delivered Dec 2023) canopy was stuck at US customs for weeks and I couldn't get in touch with anyone at Jyro. They knew it was stuck at customs, but went on shutdown for the Christmas holidays anyway. The phone number listed on their website goes to voice mail and I never got a return call. When I finally got hold of the canopy weeks later and jumped it, firstly, the canopy keeps whipping me around and specifically to the right. While most of these openings weren't too bad, some of these ended up in line twists and subsequently a cutaway. Initial inspections revealed some line trim issues, which was an easy fix for a rigger but on further inspections, the canopy had stiching on the tail which came off revealing a 3 ~ 4 inch hole. Again, this was an easy fix for a decent rigger, but still, post repairs the canopy keeps whipping me to the right on opening. Don't think it's a packing issue as not only have I tried different packing techniques, I've also got different riggers to pack and had them try different techniques. Tried calling them repeately throughout the day (NZ local time) and keep getting diverted to voice mail, left messages but never got a return call. Sent them emails, but they're slow to respond... Is it me or is this how they work?