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    Up for sale is a real closet queen! I’m the second owner of this custom/matching Javelin Odyssey. The first owner was meticulous: when it had just 150 jumps, he sent it to SunPath to have a blue colored panel replaced because he some tape gunk from the plane stained it! With just ~360 jumps, and living her entire jumping life at Sebastian and her off-time in a dark air-conditioned room, to call her pampered is an understatement! All parts original as assembled in 2008! It was ordered with every option available. Javelin Odyssey J3K freefly ready, skyhook, upgraded backpad, upgraded legpads, articulated hips AND chest Sabre2 170: grey/orange to match the system Vigil Quattro: sent in last year for new battery/updated firmware (Aug 2018!) PD160R: no rides, few repacks Matching risers with easy-grip loops, 825 microline Matching freefly handle Matching soft emergency handles: MM is embroidered, I like to think of it as Mommy Maker, or Meat Missile Fits me at 6’ 175lb but it fit better at 6’ 195lb. Definitely has room to go up, but little room to go down. I bought it with 165 jumps, she now has about 365 on the system and <300 total jumps on the Sabre2. I was able to downsize to a 150 and eventually a 135! It fit fine but I wouldn’t go smaller. Please reach out with any questions. I live in Palm Beach!


    Palm Beach, Florida - US

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    Hi I might buy it, please check messages