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  1. To piggyback onto this question, do suits just make you fly better in general (aerodynamically speaking, obviously. Meaning more powerful responses to your body inputs vs relative wind)? Every time I wear a suit I have had better belly jumps, but I don't know if this is just coincidence or not.
  2. New skydiver here venturing into packing for himself. I was wondering if the pilot chute is folded incorrectly or the bridle is sloppily folded in on itself if this will cause a pilot chute in tow? Or if the bridle will get caught on different parts of the container due to improper routing. I know about the closing pin pericing the bridle, but if the bridle is free and clear of the pin is that really all that matters?
  3. Don't worry, typically that lasts for about another 100-ish jumps. Wait you're telling me swoopers get laid? Looks like I am buying a Peregrine 67. (In all reality I have fun on front riser dives at like 3000 ft with my Saber II! I am taking a canopy course with it and I couldn't be more excited!)
  4. Good to see that I am in the safe portion of the range on the downsizing chart! Thanks for the recommended reading! I would rather be safe than cool!
  5. I wasn't, I was just wondering if this was something people did. I am very happy with my Saber II 170. I will continue to jump it until I get bored with it. Which I don't see happening for the foreseeable future. The progression is part of the fun! I was just wondering if people did this so they didn't get the dangers of a higher performance canopy and a smaller wing loading.
  6. Hello all, I was wondering, if instead of downsizing AND switching to a more aggressive canopy, would it be a more prudent choice to simply stay at the same wing loading and go to a more aggressive canopy? Say switching from a Saber II 170 to a Katana (just a general example and this is one of the more aggressive canopies I could think of off the top of my head.) 170? New jumper taking his first canopy course soon at 46 jumps, not looking to switch my canopy soon but just asking people's opinions, thanks, guys!
  7. Hey guys! I am a recently A-licensed jumper (30 jumps) and have been a lurker on this forum without registering for a bit but I decided its time I say ''hello"! I got into skydiving because my brother and dad did a tandem as a late birthday gift to him and after they came back they were so stoked about it they decided to bring me out for a tandem too. It stuck! Looking forward to learning with everyone!