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  1. First thank you all for your input!!! Most of the articles I see all talk about upsizing and not to focus on downsizing. I really enjoy the canopy ride down as to me this is part of the ride. Yea I get that there are going to be some times where it will be fun to get some good speed and maybe do some swooping, but hey so you do it with a bigger canopy and you don't get the real fast speeds that you could with a smaller canopy. Like some of you are saying you still have your first rig some 500 jumps later!! What I am looking to do is buy a new container that at its max is where I will begin and have two size canopies to downsize into if I wanted to. I kinda like the idea of the Mirage system with the secondary closing loop that it could possibly go from a 170 all the way to a 150. The 150 may, as Dawn at Mirage said, "Yes, the secondary loop will give you loop tension with the smaller canopies BUT by the time you get down to the Sabre-150 your rig will look like a Sharpei. :)". Oh did that make my day and she included a photo of a Sharpei on top of it. If this works and say I do roughly 60-100 jumps a year, which seams about average for the common person, this rig would last me 5 years or more. So to invest in something that I would keep possibly for 500 plus jumps thats $4000 for the container, thats a whooping $8 a jump, not including the purchase of the canopies, which I will have to do some figuring on that as well. I know that is all up to personal preference and budget, but like the poll was kinda leading into it seams that if you buy used you may constantly look into getting the jumps done just so you can get to the next smaller canopy and not truly know the canopy to the max and utilize it to its max. Well like I said everyone has gone different paths to the same end result. If I could find the perfect used container I for sure would go that route and I still am looking into this. Oh one more thing, some people are like you will learn what discipline you will want to do. How would this change my container if its free fly friendly? If I get one the could also be wing suite friendly what could it not do, or how could one do better than the other. WHY TIP TOE THRU LIFE TO ARRIVE SAFELY AT DEATH
  2. So I am reviving an old thread as this is my exact question right now. Even though I am a person of average build, I am having a hell of a time finding a used container that is not almost the price of a new container. So I wanted to see if this poll still stands true, do people keep their new rig and canopy longer? Is this a better option to coerce yourself to not downsize as fast and truly learn how to fly your current canopy to the fullest that it can be flow. WHY TIP TOE THRU LIFE TO ARRIVE SAFELY AT DEATH
  3. Hello my name is Shane and I am new the the sport. I am almost done getting my "A", just need to do some packs when the weather permits for it. Excited as all, but so MUCH to learn!!!! Currently looking for a rig and that is such a daunting task to make sure you get what you really need. Thankfully I have some good instructors at my local DZ that are a great help!!! WHY TIP TOE THRU LIFE TO ARRIVE SAFELY AT DEATH