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  1. I'm in one of those northern states that get that damn season called winter. First year having my own rig so I dont know the proper way to store it..packed, unpacked and daisy chained, thrown into a trashbag?? What's the best way that it wont damage anything? Thanks!
  2. I'm having trouble with my exits. Floater exits are getting better, diving exits are terrible. I know to present to the relative wind and look at the plane but when time comes, I seem to always forget and look down therefore tumbling on exit. Does anyone have any tips, pointers or different adjustments I can try to help??
  3. Just thought I would let all of you know that I passed my a license check dive!!! FINALLY got that exit down!! I'm so excited! thank you for all your input and help!
  4. Its not so much that I'm rushing to get licensed, it's more along the lines of I'm getting frustrated with myself because I keep doing the same thing over and over every time I exit. I know in my head the process, I just dont execute it when I get to the door for some reason. Every coach I have tells me the same thing, chin up and watch the plane but that damn plane is hard to see!! Ha! All your tips will definately help, thank you!! I know I will have to hug someone when i finally get it! 😊
  5. I'm having issues with my floater exits. Every time I exit, I push to the left therefore rotating me. In my videos, the left half of my body looks like superman and the right half looks like a perfect neutral arch! I know the drill, head up and belly button to the relative wind but for some reason I just seem to over compensate on my step off that theres nothing there...anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how I can fix this?? I'm now in cat h of the a license progression and I'm sure this will slow down the license process until I get it fixed.
  6. Hey, that's a great idea that I never thought of! Thank you!!😀
  7. I am currently on cat g of my aff progression. there isnt really a retail store that has skydiving gear near me to try anything out, so i will probably have to purchase everything online. i am interested what kind of helmets and altimeters everyone uses. whats the most comfortable? full face or open face? digital or analog altimeters? any input would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hey all! New to the forum and the world of skydiving! Currently in process doing my AAF for my A license. I'm finding that the bookwork is much harder to understand then actually jumping! Love the world of skydiving so far but am still extremely nervous after 11 jumps in. The free fall is my favorite part but I just need to figure out how to relax more....I hear it after every jump with my instructor...any thoughts??