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  1. Thats great to hear. Thanks for your help guys :)
  2. Yes, I already compared the volume of the different reserves in the sizing chart and was a bit confused about the wide range. Probably there is no way around in just trying, but I thought it would be nice if someone could confirm that its possible.
  3. Hi guys, so a few days ago I bought from someone a vector 348 from 2018, with zero jumps, together with a smart 150 reserve from 2012. I was quite happy because I thought I made a great deal but when I contacted my local parachute technician, he told me that the smart 150 would be to small for the vector 348. I took a look in the UPT sizing chart and saw that the smart 150 is listed there as standard fitting for the 348. Now I'am a bit puzzled. Does maybe someone jumps this configuration or have experience with the Vector 348?