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  1. Thank you for this interesting comment. I fly an epicene for wingsuiting. I hadn't fully considered the implication of the shorter lines and how the smaller canopies could get me in situations I am not very used to despite what seems to be a very manageable WL. I am definitely considering a plateau at 135 for now (for my everyday canopy). Cheers.
  2. Thank you for the replies. To answer Tabouare's question as to why I'm downsizing and considering a crossfire so quickly : - I have 732 jumps and was already flying a 170 at 27 jumps - I made 210 jumps last year and I have already 52 jumps since Marsh - I weigh only 54 kilos and my landings and wind penetration have improved as I tried smaller chutes - I have been prudent trying smaller canopies : one size smaller at a time doing hop and pops and practicing drills - I haven't been impressed by the smaller sizes for now - I was advised to switch platforms by a canopy coach just a few days ago and yet I am here asking for alternate opinions - I have already negotiated with a friend to use his Pulse 135 before trying a 120 or a 110 (I will get the jumps necessary in two months time) - I just decided to have fun under canopy and want something that impresses me a bit on a no wind day. Cheers.
  3. Hi all ! If you can spare some time, I would very much appreciate some advice, please. I weigh 54 kilos (119 pounds). I have 700 jumps and bought a rig with 170 Pulse when I had 150 jumps. So I was very lightly loaded : 0.88. I have sold my rig and borrowed rigs and canopies from friends to see what I could downsize to safely. I made one jump in windy conditions with a Sabre 2 150 and then in a no wind day. WL : 1. Totally fine. I then jumped a Pulse 135 on a no wind day. Totally fine. WL : 1.1 I then jumped a Stiletto 135 in average wind conditions. Not impressed. I plan on taking a Stiletto 120 in windy conditions and then in no wind conditions if things feel right. WL would be 1.25 What do I want ? Get a canopy right for my weight and canopy type experience (with flat glides) that I can learn on and land safely. How would a Crossfire 2 or 3 feel for me if I landed them straight-in ? Would I be surprised compared to a pulse of the same size ? I have no intentions of making hooks turns or swooping before taking a canopy course (mandatory to learn swooping in France). What would be a good size for such a canopy and my weight : 120 (WL : 1.25) or 110 ( WL : 1.31). Or should I stay away from such a canopy as it's way too different from the canopies I have jumped even I just do a straight-in ?
  4. Thank you guys. Some good information here. :-) I took my measurements with two different persons. Wasn't easy. Some of the measurements were off by up to 5 centimeters. But one of the friends had been measured for and S3 too and seemed to know how to do it. With the help of the video on the squirrel website (that could definitely be improved) and a reseller on the phone, I think I have some good measurements. :-) Up to ordering and waiting now. Will keep you posted in a few months when I get the thing.
  5. Actually, the max power level is 11 ! So funny. You can turn it up to eleven ! "When you need that extra push over the cliff"
  6. Thank you everybody for taking the time to answer me. It's really appreciated. This helps me with my decision. I'm going the Swift 3 route. :-) I do realize the suit is... swift and that it will be quite a change from the Indy. I plan on depowering it for my first jumps. Do you have a recommendation for the power level for the first jumps ? It's seems to be graded from 1 to 10. Anyways, I 'm placing my order in the comings days and I'll probably put 15 to 20 more jumps on the Indy (we rent them freefly at my club) before I receive it.
  7. Hi freeflyers, I am currently learning Head-down, coached jumps and on my own. I bumped into this ressource : Head Down: Learning to Freefly But in this day and age, I don't want to order a dvd, I want this ressource as a (paid, of course) download. Is it available anywhere ? Are there any video ressources similar to that one ? It seems pretty well done. I had seen the sitfly version. I think there is definitely a demand for such a product. Coach jumped are nice but getting a different perspectives from top foreign flyers is also good.
  8. Hi all, I hope someone will have the time to give me a piece of advice. A few things about me first as I haven't posted before on this forum : My name : Morad Location : Lille, france Jump numbers : 650, mostly tracking and tracing jumps Wingsuit jumps : 13 on an S-fly Indy I recently discovered the pleasure of wingsuiting. What a thrill ! This feeling of gliding, the jump that seems to last forward even on my small wingsuit... I started with an S-fly indy which is a small wingsuit. I want to invest in what we call a level 2 wingsuit in France. (intermediate). I have my eyes, like many, on a new swift 3 but I found someone selling a funk 1 at my size for half the price of the new swift 3. What would you do ? Would a funk 1 be a good first wingsuit if I up my jumps numbers to 30/40 on the Indy ? Is now a good time to invest in swift 3 or is squirrel about to release a swift 4 ?