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  1. Thank you guys, it's great to know that. Could you send me your contact info? :)
  2. Hello guys. I am a signal processing engineer specialized in active noise control, and I'm also a skydiver. For some time I've been thinking about manufacturing (with a selling purpose) a speech communication system specifically designed for skydivers. This system would allow a clear speech communication in free fall, canopy piloting as well as in wind tunnel trainings. The system would also contain an audible altimeter integrated with the speakers and the whole device would be designed to have a good fit in general skydiving helmets with no hard edges that could restraint the canopy lines. So it would be really important to me if you guys could answer a few questions as a part of an initial feasibility study. The questions are: 1) What do you think about the project idea? Do you have some tips or critiques regarding the general design and functionality of the device? 2) Have you ever used any communication systems with the same purpose or know someone who has? Which system was it? Did you think it helped you in your trainings? Was there any problems related to the device (price, fit, safety issues, lack of a place for audible altimeters, etc)? Thank you very much. Artur Zorzo. Signal processing engineer Lisbon, Portugal [email protected]