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    Skydive Central is a small Family-owned Cessna DZ located in Maiden N.C just a few miles from Lake Norman. We are looking for a couple of Part Time "Weekend Only" Tandem instructors to assist for this season. We Currently use STRONG equipment and would be willing to help cross train the right person to join our team. Please contact us at 704-787-5944 if you are interested.


    Maiden , North Carolina - US

  2. Skydive Central holds a family atmosphere and keeps to old school traditions. Skydiving has changed in many aspects over the years but the 1 thing that has remained the same is the bond that is created by people that have jumped out of airplanes together.
  3. Great small Drop Zone with Mountain scenery, and a place where you are treated like part of the family.My first time at this D/Z I was on a load with a instructer and his student that would have put me doing a solo jump. It was a slow day so the DZO said let me grab a rig and we will do a 2 way.This impressed me so much I now call this my home D/Z.