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Dropzone Reviews posted by 20_kN

  1. Skydive Hawaii used to offer fun jumper tickets and AFF, but they closed both of those doors a long time ago. Now they only offer tandems unless you happen to know someone there or you've been jumping with them for a long time. That's probably fine for a money making operation, but provides no value to the local community in terms of allowing locals to jump.

  2. I completed my AFF course here and was pretty satisfied with it. Up until a few months ago, Pacific was the only place in Hawaii that allowed fun jumpers and AFF students. The other DZs in the state typically do not allow fun jumpers unless you happen to know the staff and so in essence tandems are really the only business mode in Hawaii. Fortunately Pacific is nice enough to break that model a bit by allowing the locals visiting jumpers to do some fun jumps.