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  1. That's basically what Curt told me when I asked the same question about my Crossfire. Thanks for the input!
  2. Thank you for your input!!! After talking to a couple of other folks I went ahead and ordered an RDS with the same dimensions as the normal slider for the Kat 120 from ParaConcepts. I removed the lanyard since I'm leaving the bag and pilot hooked up in the traditional method. Looking forward to the ease of it rather than having to stow it behind my head. Blue Skies!
  3. So has anyone ever jumped a Katana 120 with an aftermarket removable slider (not full RDS)? Asking because I'm planning to downsize later this season from my 135 and honestly I can't stand how the slider pushes my head forward when stowed using the velcro stow on my reserve flap. I've seen some folks mention this but not in any great detail. Any input would be greatly appreciated.