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  1. Did a quick search and found a chat from 2014 discussing how much people liked the upgraded back pad and how it was worth it, etc. From what I can tell it was referring to parapak vs deluxe spacer foam. I was looking to see if there were any opinions on the current back pad upgrade to the molded sun path back pad. It says it is the thickest and better for warm weather. Is it much more comfortable? Is there a significant weight increase? Other thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Agreed, not trying to replace my real altimeter with a Garmin...just wanted to see if it links and if it could be remapped to something else. Basically using the hardware they have built.
  3. I have been thinking about buying the Garmin Varia and having it display my watch information. I recognize that my watch doesn't have the same refresh rate as my skydive altimeter, but it would at least give me the rough number.