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  1. Thank you thank you for your advice! All noted and taken in thanks
  2. Just wondering if there are others who have been through the same-ish thing and might share their story or particularly give some advice. Excuse me if there are obvious resources for what I'm looking for. I'm not on the ball right now and you'll understand why in a minute. I am in New Zealand on the other side of the world to home and my home DZ. My first 6 months here I never got the opportunity to head to a DZ and jump. Then 2 and a half months ago I had plans to jump on the 8th Feb, and on the 7th Feb I fell off a cliff. It was a small cliff, about 10 metres, but I went head first and landed straight on my head on the road below. Originally paramedics thought I was unlikely to make it, but here I am! However, amongst the many broken bones, collapsed lung and other injuries, the main one was a nice big Traumatic Brain Injury. It was severe. I had a GCS of 3 at the scene, woke up 3 days later, and spent the next 2+ weeks in a state of Post Traumatic Amnesia, thinking I was 4 years younger, that it was the apocolypse at night, and that my nurses were zombies. It was quite recently, so I'm not out of the woods yet, however I have been amazingly lucky in my recovery and I'm not too far off it. I am still occasionally getting the fatigue that comes with a TBI, but only if I try something very strenuous, and it's not that bad, my memory is functioning ok and not holding me back, although not quite 100% yet, I am expected to make a full recovery, and all I want to do is skydive. Now don't worry, I'm not under the impression that I can right now, and I wouldn't even consider it without my doctors approval, but I'm not far off the full recovery and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on getting back after something like this for when I can. My memory was at first wiped, and then most of it came back, but things in life I didn't know really well, or that I learned recently, are still gone. The way I am seeing it is that I know as much as you need to, to do a solo. I know everything someone who has completed AFF knows and more. I know how to do a normal dive and the emergency procedures. But some of the things that I have learned over time jumping, from just speaking with experienced people, and having situations happen to people and then discussing it with instructors are likely to have been unlearned. For example methods of dealing with certain very specific situations that I have never been in and hopefully won't be in, but you never know. I was considering heading down to the DZ before I can jump even just to get my head back into the sport, or even taking up a canopy course and not jumping, but I just missed one. I don't know any skydivers here, and I've never even been to the DZ. If I do head down I will explain my situation to them, but any advice, possible helpful pages for getting that knowledge back, or shared experiences are welcome! Thanks!