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  1. Wasted a trip and a lot of money trying to skydive here. Communicated with them prior to the trip, but when I arrived in Cuba and called the phone number they gave me via email they told me that they only jump on Tuesdays. At no point did they disclose this in the emails that were sent or on the website. I was there from Wednesday thru Sunday... so ya I didn’t get to jump even once!
  2. Went to do a couple jumps here and had a great time. It's a small dz, w a nice 182 that gets up to alt in decent time even tho it's pretty hot in the summer(should be great in the winter months). Everybody is friendly! They have some rental gear and the packing mat is shaded. The landing area is decent sized. The views are pretty sick of the mountains and the desert to the east. I really hope this review reaches some more fun jumpers. Lots of potential here! Only one downside... winds can pick up pretty good, but that's possible at a lot of dz's.