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  1. @dani31 I personally was using it during the last season. Answers to your questions are: It has a wider dynamic range and slightly more flat color profile than GP7/GP8. I think it gives more possibilities during footage postproduction, but at the same time, RAW video file from the camera looks duller than compared to the GP. I wouldn't say that quality it's worse than GP7 or GP8, differences are really minor. Yes, stabilization can be disabled for a wider FOV. Without stabilization, it's as good as any other camera without stabilization I'd say the same or slightly better. I'd say it's more reliable than any GP. From my personal experience, it didn't crash even once - however, I did not use mobile app. Don't know if you can plug it directly via USB (be aware, that it's USB-C plug), but you can output the video to a smart tv via DJI mimo app. Video files are noticeably heavier than in GoPro (up 30-40%). This video might interest you: