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  1. Would anybody be interested in a HUD altimeter projecting on the visor of a full face helmet? It sounds like a good idea to have such a thing projecting on the upper right hand corner of the visor .. but the only thing I thought about is where to mount the projector inside the helmet and a million other things to think about. It seems like a an interesting idea that I would love to work on for my senior project class next semester, any tips or help/thoughts about this project would be appreciated !
  2. I'm a new into the sport so I wouldn't have a higher WL than 0.9 or 1. I was just wondering what makes a rig old (design/safety wise) but it turns out to be there isn't really a difference. I'll talk with the rigger at our DZ and discuss my goals and budget as you mentioned. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Thats what i'm looking for, a rig that has been treated well and ready to passed on to a new jumper .. I'll be belly flying for a while so the FF issue wouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Yeah i'll definitely check with a rigger I know, thanks for the advice!
  5. Would anyone buy an old rig for the right price? (if it is in good shape) i'm talking 1995-2000 rigs? are they as safe as the newer designs? what changed versus newer rigs? I just got my license i've been jumping older rigs and hey i'm alive, but for some reason I feel that older rigs are not safe. Please share your thoughts and let me know what you think? is it worth paying a few extra $$ for a newer rig? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the advice .. I will probably put a hold on my freefly ambitions for now until I get the basics done and get better under my canopy. So buying a rig seems to be the most ideal for my situation .. Thanks for the advice again.
  7. I want to be a skydiver. It seems like i'm trying to skip the basics and jump to the advance moves real quick, I always tend to rush to try to learn everything ( its just a habit I have). Buying a rig seems to be the way to go for the first hundred skydives and at least until I get my B-license with all the canopy courses with it. Thanks for the detailed advice and hopefully I'll get into FF when i'm ready.
  8. Thanks! I'll probably look for a used rig now and as you said learn how to fly my canopy and get the basics done before getting into FF.
  9. Thanks for the advice, I feel i'm always in a rush .. but in this sport rushing into things doesn't seem ideal, i'll take my time learning the basics before getting into FF.
  10. Hello, I 'm not sure if there is a similar post to this but I just wanted to get different points of view on this topic. I just got my A-License and I'm having this inner-conflict with myself, should I buy a rig and progress in skydiving doing RW stuff? or buy a bunch of tunnel time and learn to free-fly which is the reason I actually got into the sport? I always admired free-flying and thought that was the way to skydive. So what do you guys think? get some tunnel time and learn to free-fly in the tunnel and then go back to skydiving? (i'll try to stay current but i'll be renting gear) or buy a rig and get my jump numbers up and then go learn to free-fly? the first plan makes more sense to me financially (I'm a college student so money is an issue) but I just wanted to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks!