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    Complete Rig My gear has been tucked away for a few years and needs a new home. Sidewinder - 2001 -Fantastic condition (purchased new, jumped 12 times) -custom built to fit 5’6” average build body (160lbs) -double padding on the leg straps for a comfy ride Sabre 170 (Sabre 1 original) -yellow/pink stripes, material is in good shape -couple hundred jumps on it with lots of life left Tempo 160 Reserve - 2001 -0 jumps (1 re-pack) purchased new -crisp new material / bright white lines EXPIRED AAD – MUST BE REPLACED Also included with purchase: Altimeter Goggles Tony Suit Log Book (less a few pages) Duffle Bag (matching colors to suit) $2800 Cdn OBO $2200 USD OBO


    Port Coquitlam - CA