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  1. You don't see many chinchilla's here in The Netherlands ;) , but according to Wikipedia:


    Captive chinchillas commonly live 15 years, but some have been known to live up to 20 or more.



  2. Quote

    Can he provide any proof of it? I have been talking to the record book and they said they would need backed evidence. If so, I guess he would have to file the application in order for me to break it?

    I am pretty sure that he did not do those jumps with any kind of record in mind, he might have his logbook or something but I'm not sure *I* would count a logbook as backed evidence!.... I'll let him know about this thread and he might 'jump' in!


  3. A colleague of mine was a volunteer in the British Armed Forces in the eighties(?). He told me that their group was given a couple of hundred freshly packed parachutes and a tethered balloon to train with for a day.

    A lot of them didn't really fancy the jumps from 300 ft. and they were 'left' with many many packed rigs begging to be jumped. According to his story, he did over 50 jumps from a balloon in a day. I wasn't there, but the guy is trustworthy and he showed me some pictures (that I currently can't find).


    PS: I may have posted something along those lines in January as well...

  4. I am very much a newbie here, but on our DZ in the Netherlands we had the opportunity to jump from a 1944 DC3 (Fifi Kate, N47FK).

    Because the runway at the DZ is not long enough, we took off from a nearby military base, and flew a long climb to arrive over the DZ at about 10000 ft. This long climb gave us a good view of the area where these heroes jumped all those years ago to save our little country. I spent most of the time gazing out of the hole where the door was supposed to be and thinking what it must be like at night, round parachutes, lots of equipment, low altitude and people trying their best to kill you before you land...

    Your photograph reminds me very much of those jumps. On one of the two jumps I made from Fifi Kate we had an actual veteran accompanying us as an observer.


  5. Quote

    I just received my copy from Triax, fast shipping as usual :)

    I second that! Great footage, great quality, great editing and fast delivery.

    The subtitling and PAL/NTSC dual side DVD are good ideas as well!

    Thanks! :)

  6. You did it again: made coffee come out of my nose, ruined a perfectly good keyboard ;-)

    This one definitely belongs in the 'Scary stories from the old days' thread with all the other great stories you shared there!!!



  7. Quote

    many thanks to those who called, and the one who pulled through:)


    The Speakers Corner:
    A Soap Box in Cyber Space. This is the place to discuss politics, guns, religion and any other topic you feel the need to address from your soap box. [...]

    Last time I asked at the supermarket for people to go jumping I also didn't get any positive response! Whuffo's all of them, I tell ya!


  8. Disclaimer: I'm not a BASE jumper.

    I highly recommend getting Second BASE any way you can, in my opinion walking to Norway would still get you great value for your time! (I live in the Netherlands.)

    I transferred money to Terje just using the bank account numbers from the Oslo BASE website and got GREAT service, I even got sent a second copy when the first one got lost in the mail! B|B|

    No doubt some mailman is now enjoying this DVD! ;)>:(:S

    The DVD itself is *great*, the menus, the music, the editing but most importantly the footage is breathtaking!!

  9. Quote

    I totaly agree my point is pilots must me very calculated and percise

    Please don't take this personally, but I had to chime in here...

    Last week I saw a licensed pilot on his third AFF jump land downwind:S:S

    To his credit he realised his mistake about 30 ft up, and did not try to turn into the wind:)
    I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's a different ballgame!

    [edited for sppeellling]

    Have fun, be safe,