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  1. I don't know anything about you except what you just posted and all I say is this...I finished my AFF in 99. I jumped for a short while after that and then life took over. 20+ years later I just finished my 42nd jump and finished my A license. I look back on all the wasted years with sadness and where i could be today if I had just kept with it. Don't let this be you! Figure out whats important!
  2. I posted a picture. I've not tried jumping it yet. I wanted to get some opinions first. I just bought a new main and would hate to have a cutaway.
  3. Does anyone have any thoughts on line stows, specifically separating your lines and having left side to the left side of the bag and right side to the rights side in 4inch stows folded over on themselves to make 2 in stows. so essentially the center locking stows are done first then daisy chain to the next locking stow then daisy chain to the outside stows, using all stow points, leaving 20in at the end to put in the bag. picture little bow ties at each stow point. I think this would reduce line twisted and a rocking bag.