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  1. And that's why I said that I don't like the Pilot7 for wingsuiting. Because that long snivel gives you more time to make an error( twist shoulders or something). While the Kraken (I haven't jumped the Epicene or Horizon) has a nice quick opening thanks to the extra vents in the slider and center cell and gives you leas chance for error. Also the Pilot7 is more elliptical than a wingsuit canopy should be, which makes it more fun to fly but that's why it spins more.
  2. Just get a Kraken! NZA came out with an amazing product, took them 2 years to make, but it is totally worth it! I am flying a Kraken 169 at 1.26 with an ATC and have had only butter soft on heading openings! Pilot7 sucks, had 3 chops on it. It was the zp version. Just unleash the Kraken, you will not regret it!
  3. val4o


    Saved my life twice, nice tip-toe landings!