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  1. Sorry to reply so late. But here is a link to the video if you would still look at it with any advice I'd really appreciate it. https://youtu.be/ZlAmVar4C1E
  2. I really wish I knew the specs on my chute. The company seems nervous to tell me. I've called and asked. I live in Chicago and this happened in San Diego. All I have is photos of the front part of the harness. It didn't have a "hacky Sac" rip cord. They were in the front. It was said to have been borrowed from the Seal team training there. Do you know if companies have to keep records of gear used?
  3. I recall Slamming the brakes as hard and as fast as I could. I did this because the Instructor kept saying "Hands Up, Hands Up" and then Screamed "NOW NOW FLARE FLARE"! What exactly does a hard flare do?
  4. Thank you for your knowledge. I'm still a little confused on the exact dynamics of the flare. As I understand it flare warps the shape of the canopy/wing causing lift. With lift increasing with speed. Therefore a higher forward speed is desired just prior to touchdown to affect descent rate. So, your coming down slower, but isn't flying forward to fast harmful? Because I think that is what broke my ankle was forward speed. It happened so fast I can't remember if my PLF was right but I know I was dragged because of the grass stains.
  5. Hanging with the flight crew in San Diego it was decided to go skydiving. However, I weigh 243 lbs due to avid bodybuilding. I was told the limit for tandem was 230 lbs. But, I could do an AFF the next day. I went through the training, suited up in gear I was told was borrowed form Air Tac Cal and rated for 500 lbs. Jump Master guided me in per radio. I flared exactly when he said to, about 10 feet off ground. Was told my jump was perfect until I hit the ground. My ankle was broken in 3 places and needed 2 surgeries despite a PLF. Looking at the video it's estimated I came in at 25 + mph forward speed and decent of the same. Any advice of what could of been done better? Is it normal to not do a full flare until 10 ft. ? Should I not of done some braking during the last 250 ft to slow speed? Any comments are welcome. Please.