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    Beautiful and Busy Skydiving Center! Fly, jump and play as much as you can imagine. Now Hiring! Come work with our amazing teams at the most scenic DZ in the West Coast. Tandem Instructors - We want you on our team! JM's will net $70K+/year. Monetary incentives for long-term commitment. Free fun jumps. We can help with housing too. Foreigner's welcome. At Skydive Monterey Bay, we are committed to bringing the highest quality to our participants and teammates. Great work ethics and low drama filled DZ. Happy people all around you! Our methods, airplanes and facilities offer a safe and fun environment that promotes continued learning. Tons of great experiences continue here, in our lifetime love of skydiving. www.skydivemontereybay.com Send your resume to: [email protected]


    Marina, California - US

  2. Skydive Monterey Bay is one of the world’s most beautiful skydives because of its incredible view and ultra long freefalls. Take a short drive down the coast from San Francisco to parachute in paradise. We are proud to offer you the ‘World’s Highest Tandem Skydiving Experience from 18,000 feet’. With a ‘Go-Big-or-Go-Home’ record 90 seconds of adrenaline packed free-fall, we skydive higher and longer than any other skydiving center.