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  1. Hi Nolhtairt, thankyou that would be most gratefully appreciated.
  2. Hi DC regs, My name is Peter and im a recent Amputee (workplace accident - run over by a crane and no not the bird ). Before my accident 3 years ago, I had 115 jumps (B licence - just needed one more landing and had my C). I currently have a Through Knee Amputation and docs are recommending further surgery - Osseo or AK I have not made a decision yet... thoughts? I am concerned about displacement overtime in femur when landing with Osseo? Since my accident insurance won't let me in the air YET but I've pushed to at least do some Tunnel. With a help of a very close friend I have completed 7 hours tunnel time in Australia and find myself very comfortable flying again (no freefly but the basics belly and back with belly 2 back/back to belly transitions, it took SO long for both of us to figure out counter movements with half a leg missing!) So my main questions are what type of prosthetics are experienced amputee skydivers jumping with? I currently use a Genium X3 though they won't let me fly with it. Im talking with my prosthetic team and suppliers on possibly building one for me and just after peoples thoughts and experiences?? I've seen a guy that made a prosthesis for motorsports - https://www.biodaptinc.com/... Would this be suitable for mid-air? Tracking? Is it possible? Suits? Exits? is outside camera slot etc easier? How does your leg fly in Terminal vs Sub? (mid-jump vs down the hill?) My Prosthetist has been talking extensively and discussing possible alterations we can make to existing legs with OttoBock. My main concern is having a "loosish" running (not blade) mode for the 45deg angle in freefall (belly) and being able to track with a locked leg. We've discussed old school lever lock system, having a suspension system like the electronic/hydraulic setup on the genium, also using a bite piece (same as a camera) for changing from 45 to straight leg... ?? Apologies for the barrage of questions though I have LIMITED resources in Australia for discussing these issues. ANY HELP would be most appreciated. Thanks to everyone and hopefully see you in the air soon. Blue Skies. PeterP