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  1. Sorry awwsomeerin, you must have misunderstood what I was saying. It's not that I don't want to be safe in a dangerous sport, I'm saying that I have a hard time making the SIM a priority because of my own worries of failing. I don't know about you but the intimidation factor is a big one for me. Thanks for the great advice though!
  2. I did my ground school in October then a few jumps a month until February and stopped after my first self-supervised jump (#10) when work/weather/life got in the way. I've put in some tunnel time since then - over an hour now - to help with confidence and belly flying but I still seem to talk myself out of going to the DZ when I actually have the option and ability to go. The few friends I've made at my DZ have all deployed (mostly military at my home DZ) and I'm not confident enough to exploit myself to some rando and show just how dumb/new I am. Being a girl in a predominantly male sport is also a bit intimidating. Weird, considering I'm usually very outgoing and confident and actually work in a traditionally male-dominated profession! I understand I'll need to do a recurrency jump before I can move on. From what I can tell it's 6 months of absence before I have to repeat the ground course, right? I'm hoping I'll stop being a little ___ before it gets that far. And I've been so lazy about studying my SIM (I HATE STUDYING) even though I know it's necessary and will ultimately help me. I'm also looking into traveling to another DZ and just knock out the rest of my A license in a week or two. Is that allowed if I already started at a different DZ? Thanks for whatever help you can offer, I'll put on my big girl panties eventually!