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    $400 or BEST OFFER! For sale is my first ever canopy SABRE 1 - 150. I have owned this canopy since 1996 when I first started jumping and it was barely used. Jumped it for 2 years and then put it in the closet, non smoking home, dry and cool. After a 20 year layoff I began jumping again in 2016. Pulled this out in 2018 and sent it off to PD (the inspection report and invoice pictures attached.). I jump a Sabre 1 to this day (170), intended to downsize eventually to this hence why I put the $550 into it to have PD completely make it beautiful again. It has sentimental value. The pictures say it all. It is in beautiful shape has maybe 600 jumps on it total, material is in great condition, no sun damage and has a crisp feel. The lines have zero - 0 - jumps. The labels were all replaced and the slider is collapsible. I am now ready to part with it as I will not be able to use it and will be up-sizing myself in the near future rather than downsizing. This is an excellent starter canopy for a newcomer building your first rig. Please look at the 4 page work order / invoice in pictures. I am in NJ but will ship to anywhere in the LOWER 48 USA for FREE. Anywhere else in the World, the cost of shipping is your responsibility. We can complete the transaction through PayPal so there is no issue with security, I will provide tracking information when shipped. I will offer a 7 day money back return guarantee (BUYER PAYS RETURN SHIPPING) if for any reason your rigger feels I have misrepresented anything in this description. But simply, it came back from PD to me completely beautiful and it hasn't been jumped once since. I hope for it to find a good home with someone who will take good care of her. Maybe when you upgrade to a new canopy, you can pass it on to a newcomer who is in need of their first main! Any questions feel free to contact me. Johnny


    Brielle, New Jersey - US

  2. Don't sweat it. Practice at home. At the DZ I was flustered at first because you don't want to be struggling around others packing as well. This is normal in humans in situations of all types where experience through repetition is required and you may being watched. If you have questions ask a rigger or packer or jumpmaster. The DZ is there for you. They want you to jump there and they want safety to be the number one concern. Blue Skies Blue Skies & Light Wind