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    I am reducing the price of my rig by 500 dollars for 24 hours after that it will go back to full price until the listing expires. I’m not in a huge rush to sell the rig and if it sells it sells if not, i guess I’ll be able to make a lot more loads this year. Take advantage of this price you won’t regret it. Original asking price was $6,400 discounted price is $5900. New cost was $7800. Sale has officially started 5/19 at 7:00 am Central time. Like new Curv 2.0 by Rigging Innovations. (113 Jumps) Actual order form is included with pictures for exact colors, sizes, and options. Container: RI Curv 2.0 VC5 DOM 4/17/2017 Main: NZ Safire 3 189 DOM 8/2017 Reserve: PD OP 193 DOM 8/2016, No Rides, All Repacks done at Rock Sky Market professional rigging loft, Next repack due 9/3/19 AAD: Cypress 2, Changeable mode, DOM 2/2017 New Version 15.5 year life, no battery change required, Next recommended service Feb 2022 (reccomended not required) Ok some brief info, My first rig, all options except black hardware and MARD (which can be installed by RI $295). I ordered everything brand new. The Safire 3 189 has a semi-stowless d bag and a collapsable slider. Zero jumps since last repack and main inspection. Rig was only used in the midwest. The container was scotch guarded when new. 100% Freefly friendly. Check out the exact sizes on the order form in the pictures. I am 5' 9.5" 170-175lbs. Call,Text or Email with any questions.


    Madison , Wisconsin - US