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  1. I just figure if I get a TI that has had a lot of cutaways and malfunctions they may be better prepared in an emergency than a jumper who has never experienced one and only has classroom training on how to handle it. Nothing beats experience as they say! [Quote] 8. Oh, I know you didn't ask #8, but I'll throw this in there: yes, you should tip your packer. I know you're paying a lot for the jump, but the tandem instructor doesn't really get a lot for giving you the time of your life AND saving your life. Pass him or her a $10 or $20 if you've enjoyed your experience.
  2. Well that's pretty rude. Sorry I'm an overly cautious person. That's half the reason I'm taking the jump... to try and actually start living my life rather than over think things. And, if you know how a 911 dispatcher can make a lawyers salary please let me know!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm David and this Friday I'll be making my very first tandem jump at Skydive Orange! This is likely to be a one time event... but after watching enough YouTube videos, I have a feeling I may become hooked. Obviously I'm excited... but I do have a few etiquette questions. They are having a Boogie from Wednesday to Sunday... and I'm afraid me and my group of five first time jumpers may get lost in the madness. 1. With what happened in California, I'm a bit worried. I take it that even though they're having a Boogie they'll still team me with an licensed employee and not just an experienced jumper that's there for fun so they can get more jumps in? 2. Is it improper etiquette to ask them go through a packing of the tandem rig I will be wearing? 3. Is there any questions I should ask of my partner before I get on the plane? 4. What can I do (or more importantly, what should I NOT do) as a rider to help make the experience safer for both of us? 5. Is it wrong to ask the instructor their experience/credentials? (Including jumps, experience with cutaways, etc.) I don't want to upset anyone. 6. Any tips with breathing? I've heard some say to yell as you're exiting the air craft and that will force you to breath. 7. How amazing of a time will I have?