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    Complete system purchased in 2016. Infinity Northern Lite III. Pillow main, cutaway, and reserve. Extended chest loop for swooping. PD Katana 135 deep blue color. This main has 200 jumps on it, new HMA750 lines. PD Optimum 143 reserve parachute. This reserve has zero jumps, is currently packed and sealed by FAA rigger, however as with all para purchases I would recommend a repack and inspection. Cypress 2 Expert. Zero jumps on this cypress. Great and working condition, would recommend a servicing as with any ADS device. Willing to parcel out: Main: $1600 Reserve: $1400 Container: $2000 Cypres2: $1000 The whole system was purchased when I was working summers at Skydive Suffolk as an AFFI/Tandem Instructor, however it was not my full time job and gave it up when I could had to focus on my other commitments. as mentioned the only thing used on this system is the Main canopy. Contact me if you are interested, I’m willing to deliver if it is within a reasonable distance.


    Virginia Beach, Virginia - US