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  1. G'day guys, I'm relocating to Jarkarta in a couple of weeks. I'm well keen on the move, but I'm struggling to find somewhere to jump. Searching the DZs there seem to be a few, but they all struggle with keeping their websites active. Has anyone got any experience jumping at places like Lido Lakes or Pondok Cabe? Cheers all, Vaganza
  2. Vaganza


    Firstly, price. 210 NIS for a fun jump (about $55 US at time of writing) 410 NIS if you want to hire gear and jump $110 US at time of writing). This is not the cheapest DZ buy far, but it's still a great place. If you don't read or speak Hebrew, you will struggle a little initially as you try to work out what's going on. Most of the staff speak English but it took me a while to find those ones. The DZO, Nir, is a legend. He came straight over to me, showed me around and gave me free pick of the hire rigs. Lad. The Skyvan is impressive. I don't think they turned it off at all. I was able to jump, repack and get straight back up again without waiting, and that was with heaps of tandems. The other jumpers are really chatty. They're happy to give advice on techniques and equipment. I don't think I've tried on as many other peoples helmets to find a new one to purchase as I have here! Load organising seemed a little haphazard. There was no discussion on the ground as to jump order, it was all done just before doors open. Luckily there's enough room in the Skyvan to move around to reorder each other. That said, the load organiser would hold everyone off at the exit until he deemed it safe. There was no "wait until they're 45 degrees" here. I really liked that. I recommend this place if you're visiting Israel. If you can plan it though, bring your own rig. The hire ones are all 240 Navigators that are used with students. A WLR of 0.84 does not make for the best decent with the desert wind...